Kroma Joins the Superchain, Marking a Major Milestone in Game Centric Ecosystem Development

June 18,  2024 – Kroma is thrilled to announce its official integration into the Superchain, a significant step forward in our mission to enhance Asia’s leading game-centric ecosystem.

What is the Superchain?

The Superchain is a growing network of chains (OP Stack Chains), built on Optimism’s open-source standard codebase, the OP Stack. OP Stack Chains built on the Superchain contribute portions of their revenue back to the Optimism Collective to fund public goods and network development. This unique structure ensures sustainable growth and continuous improvement of the network, benefiting all participants.

Why the Superchain?

By joining the Superchain, Kroma accelerates our goal to become Asia’s leading game-centric blockchain ecosystem. This strategic move will broaden game-based DApp adoption, enabling developers to build and deploy applications more efficiently across different layers. The Superchain’s robust infrastructure provides a scalable and secure environment for game developers, enhancing the overall user experience and fostering innovation within the ecosystem.

How Superchain?

As part of its efforts to build a game-centric blockchain ecosystem, Kroma anticipates the following initiatives and developments:

  • Kroma Foundation Grant Program: This all-year-round grant program fosters the development of game DApps on Kroma. It identifies and supports innovative DApps that can drive the next-generation narrative and expand the Kroma user community and ecosystem. The grant program aims to attract top-tier developers and projects, ensuring continuous growth and diversity in the ecosystem.
  • Native Account Abstraction (AA):  Kroma is working on implementing Native AA to provide a seamless gaming experience. This feature will allow gas fee payment via Paymaster and introduce Web2 familiar methods like social log-ins. It will also enable seamless on-chain transactions and bundled transaction executions, allowing users to focus on gameplay without single transaction confirmations. These advancements are designed to make blockchain gaming more accessible and user-friendly.
  • ZK Rollup Transition: Kroma is the first to implement ZK Fault Proof, operating in a permissionless manner. The development of our open-source modular ZKP backend library, Tachyon, makes ZK proof generation more cost-efficient and faster. This enables OP Stack chains to transition to ZK Rollup, solidifying Kroma’s role as a key contributor to the OP Stack. The enhanced security and efficiency provided by ZK Rollups will significantly benefit the entire ecosystem.

Kroma is also planning to co-host future AMAs and offline collaborations with Superchain partners to foster community engagement and growth. These events will provide valuable opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration, further strengthening the network.

About Optimism

OP Mainnet is an EVM-equivalent Layer 2 blockchain connected to Ethereum. The OP Stack is a standardized, shared, open-source development stack designed to simplify the creation of production-ready Layer 2 blockchains similar to OP Mainnet. The Superchain is a network of OP Stack chains that share a bridging protocol, governance system, and other integrated features.

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About Kroma

As Asia’s leading game-centric Layer 2 solution built on the Superchain, Kroma is the first OP Stack rollup with an active fault proof system utilizing zkEVM. Kroma will transition to a universal ZK Rollup once ZK proof generation becomes more cost-efficient and faster, using our original modular ZK backend library, Tachyon. This transition will ensure that Kroma remains at the forefront of blockchain technology, offering unparalleled performance and security.

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