IGBT Desaturation Analysis


IGBT desaturation is a not unusual phenomenon within the operation of IGBTs, which drastically influences their overall performance and reliability. this newsletter introduces the definition, reasons, and consequences of IGBT desaturation, as well as measures to solve the problem of IGBT desaturation.


IGBT is a high-overall performance energy semiconductor device that mixes the advantages of MOSFETs and BJTs. It has benefits which includes low on-kingdom resistance, low conduction voltage drops, and excessive switching velocity in excessive-voltage and high-modern packages, and is broadly utilized in fields such as AC pace manipulate, inverters, and power elements.

however, in realistic packages, a phenomenon known as IGBT desaturation occurs. IGBT desaturation refers to a scenario wherein the voltage drop throughout the collector-emitter junction (VCE) of the IGBT appreciably will increase above the regular level as the contemporary thru it reaches a sure stage. on this state, the conduction characteristics of the IGBT alternate, leading to expanded electricity losses, reduced efficiency, and in all likelihood overheating and damage to the tool.

Definition of IGBT Desaturation
IGBT desaturation refers back to the phenomenon in which the collector-emitter voltage (VCE) of the IGBT no longer remains steady with growing collector cutting-edge (IC) but indicates an increasing fashion. in the output feature curve of the IGBT, the saturation location refers to the region where VCE stays constant, while the desaturation location refers back to the region where VCE will increase with increasing IC.

Causes of IGBT Desaturation
the main motives for IGBT desaturation are as follows:


current Crowding effect: when the IGBT consists of a large contemporary, the imbalance within the awareness of electrons and holes causes the modern-day to concentrate in particular in particular regions. This choppy distribution of modern density leads to an increase in voltage drop and subsequently desaturation.

Thermal effects: IGBTs generate warmness during operation, and if heat dissipation isn’t powerful, the temperature will upward thrust. while the temperature of the IGBT exceeds a positive restriction, its conduction characteristics change, resulting in accelerated voltage drop and for this reason desaturation.

impact of power Circuit: The pressure circuit of the IGBT without delay impacts its operating country. If the drive circuit is wrongly designed or if the amplitude of the power signal is simply too large, it could purpose the IGBT to go into a desaturated state.

Interference signals: numerous interference indicators exist within the working environment of the IGBT, inclusive of voltage spikes and oscillations. those alerts can disrupt the normal operation of the IGBT, inflicting it to go into desaturation.

Outcomes of IGBT Desaturation
IGBT desaturation influences the performance and reliability of the IGBT as follows:

multiplied power Losses: inside the desaturated state, the conduction losses of the IGBT extensively boom, leading to reduced performance.

expanded Junction Temperature: Desaturation leads to an increase in the junction temperature of the IGBT, thereby decreasing its lifespan.

device harm: severe desaturation might also lead to damage to the IGBT.

Measures to resolve IGBT Desaturation problems
To solve the problem of IGBT desaturation, the subsequent measures can be taken:


choice of appropriate IGBTs: in the layout, pick out suitable IGBTs in step with the real operating situations. devices with lower voltage drops and higher current rankings have to be favored.

right design of warmth Dissipation gadget: To lessen the working temperature of the IGBT, a right heat dissipation machine needs to be designed. methods together with warmth sinks, cooling enthusiasts, or liquid cooling may be hired for powerful warmth dissipation.

Optimization of force Circuit: layout the force circuit of the IGBT nicely to ensure that the amplitude and frequency of the power sign are suitable. techniques inclusive of pulse width modulation (PWM) can be used to optimize the power circuit.

Suppression of Interference alerts: Take suitable electromagnetic compatibility measures to suppress the technology and propagation of interference indicators. strategies such as the use of filters and decoupling capacitors may be hired to lessen the effect of interference signals.

IGBT desaturation is a commonplace phenomenon within the operation of IGBTs, which considerably influences their overall performance and reliability. know-how the reasons and effects of desaturation and taking corresponding measures to address the difficulty can improve the performance and reliability of IGBT operation, ensuring the everyday operation of equipment.

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