Utel Introduces Translation Mode Feature for OTT Communication

Ucon Global Ltd is thrilled to announce the launch event for the first OTT (over-the-top) with translation mode – the Utel Application. Specifically designed for the global blockchain community and travelers, Utel offers a suite of cutting-edge features designed to change how we communicate among linguistic divides. 

Utel integrates all the features we love about leading OTT platforms like Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram, but it takes privacy one step further with an added layer of end-to-end security. What truly distinguishes Utel, however, is its newest feature, Translation Mode, enabling real-time translation for messages, group chats, and calls in over 50 languages.

This feature addresses a critical need in today’s interconnected world by making communication not only possible but quick and pain-free. Utel is empowering users to engage confidently with individuals of differing cultural backgrounds to foster meaningful connections and collaborations. 

Whether users are engaging in cross-border business negotiations, coordinating international travel plans, or simply conversing with friends from around the world, Utel aims to ensure that language is no longer a barrier to entry. 

Important Dates to Know

The rollout of Utel will occur in three progressive stages: 

  • Phase 1 (April 15th): Utel will debut with translation capabilities in over 10 languages for messages and group chats.  
  • Phase 2 (June 15th): Utel will expand its translation repository to encompass 50 languages, including integration for in-app calls. 

Moreover, Utel boasts a global data network connection system, spanning more than 192 countries. This infrastructure ensures users can access affordable data plans conveniently, with payment methods including Visa/Mastercard and Ucon tokens. Users can leverage UCON NFT numbers for top-up without the need for traditional SIM cards or eSIM registration when traveling abroad. 

With its robust set of features and commitment to enhancing global communication, Utel aims to become the preferred platform for regular interactions within the blockchain community, international networks, and travel enthusiasts alike.

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